Board of Directors / Board Members

The Board of Directors of the Taliesin Fellows consists of Fellows members and Friends of the Fellows members. Board members are dedicated to implementing the mission of the association and to stewarding its bylaws; are committed to attending the three Fellows Weekend meetings each year; have sought nomination and been confirmed by the Board; have registered their membership in the Taliesin Fellows at the Leader level or higher.

These individuals represent many ages and a variety of skill sets, and for the duration of their term, they work in collaboration with the board and its special committees to define and manage our programs of today — as well as to generate a vision for the future.

If you would like more information on leadership opportunities with the Taliesin Fellows, please verify that you have registered or renewed your membership this year and contact us with a letter of interest. Thank you for your support!

Our Executive Board Members and Advisors

Harveenkaur Kothari

Taliesin Fellows President

Jack Lee, Architect

Vice President – School Board Representative

William Scott

2nd Vice President – Past Secretary


Kempton Fuller


Michael Rust, Architect


Art Dyson, Architect

SoAT Board of Governors

Pablo Moncayo

Board Member, Fundraiser Committee, SoAT Board of Governors

Jochen Walther

Board Member, Social Media consultant