The Friends of the Frank Wright School of Architecture is an official campaign of the alumni with the purpose of uniting public support and raising funds to ensure the continuance of the School through media advocacy and legal counsel. Donations received in excess of this need will go towards a fund to support the School to assist it in becoming an independent subsidiary of the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation. As this campaign is a volunteer effort, none of the funds received are or will be used for administrative salaries.


Architectural education practiced at the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture is like no other in the world: Our School provides an individualized, hands-on, and immersive experience that provides the professional M.Arch degree required to practice architecture in most states and in many countries while simultaneously steeping students in the organic concept that architecture is life.


Stricter accreditation standards are requiring the School to become an independent subsidiary of the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, which has long operated the School as a semi-autonomous department. The alumni, past and current fellowship members, and long-time supporters of the School have embraced this governance requirement as an opportunity to support the School in its bid to become an independent subsidiary, with clear roles and responsibilities between the School and the Foundation.


By supporting this campaign, our beloved School — rich with a legacy that continues to shape architecture at the highest level — can remain the beacon of profound and unconventional higher education that it is, and to become even stronger in the years ahead.


Join us in support of the School by sending a check to:


Taliesin Fellows, Inc.

P.O. Box 5603

Scottsdale, Arizona 85261


Include “School Support Fund” in the Memo line. All contributions are tax-deductible.


Thank you for you support at this critical time.


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