The spirit of fellowship is alive with the Taliesin Fellows, and we invite our members to stay connected and to participate in the activities of our active extended community.


Members are administrators of a variety of social media outlets that invite anyone to share their enthusiasm for Taliesin, organic architecture, and our organization.


We publish a meticulously crafted Journal of the Taliesin Fellows three times per year, which is mailed to all members. Back-issues are also available for order.


We organize reunions, including a Fellows Weekend three times per year, which is held at Taliesin or Taliesin West. Social events and meetings of the board of directors are held over each Fellows Weekend.


We engage in a variety of projects in support of Taliesin and Taliesin West; the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture, its students and alumni; and the legacy of Frank Lloyd Wright and organic architecture. These range from preservation projects to scholarships to networking events and exhibits.


We also maintain a Taliesin Fellows Directory that keeps our members connected socially and professionally. This is visible only to current members, so establish or renew your membership today!

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