Taliesin Fellows

Alumni of the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture

Tan-y-deri Restoration

Donations raised by the Taliesin Fellows supported a comprehensive restoration of Tan-y-Deri in 2011-2014. Tan-y-Deri, the shingle-style four-square house that is one of the five Wright-designed buildings that together comprise the 600-acre Taliesin estate in Wisconsin, was built in 1907 as a residence for Wright’s sister Jane Porter. Many Fellows fondly recall the elegant and beautifully sited Tan-y-Deri as a residence for Fellowship in recent decades.

From the preparation of the detailed project proposal (Click Here To Download The Full Document) to the three summers of project implementation, Fellows funding enabled students of Taliesin, the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture to work under the guidance of Taliesin Preservation Inc. with school cooperation to gain hands-on experience.

  • Fellows funds purchased building materials with the caveat that volunteer student labor be employed to install them in the Taliesin tradition of learning by doing.
  • Winter 2010-2011: 2010 graduate Simon De Aguero was granted a post-graduate internship for winter 2010-2011 to work on as-built drawings, research and project visioning diagrams, preliminary restoration drawings; and to prepare the Comprehensive Restoration report in collaboration with TPI staff.
  • Summer 2011: undergraduate student Rob Jackovich created drawings for the basement restoration and led a team of five BAS and M.Arch students to jackhammer the basement floor, and to work in consultation with subcontractors to install a damp proofing system, in-floor radiant heat and in-floor forced-air ductwork before the integrally colored slab was poured.
  • Summer 2012: undergraduate student Charles McCall led a team of six other BAS and M.Arch students. They worked with HVAC, insulation and framing contractors to create drawings and install light gauge metal framing for a cool-roof attic mechanical room. They made drawings for basement restoration and did the framing there. They also completed soffit demolition and jackhammered an exterior basement slab.
  • Summer 2013: recent graduate Gilberto Rey led the final team of students.

Just in time for the June 2014 Fellows reunion and board meetings over Frank Lloyd Wright’s birthday weekend, TPI unveiled the substantially completed — and beautiful — restored Tan-y-deri. The completed spaces are now available for use by the school, the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, TPI, and the Taliesin Fellows — and for the first time in history will be made available to public tour.

Hearty thanks to each and every Taliesin Fellow whose contribution made this successful project possible!